How We Work

At The DanDale Network we help you as the customer get connected with local contractors who work with Integrity, Honesty, and Quality.


Integrity to The DanDale Network means, giving the customer re-assurance that our contractors will work hard to do the right thing.


Honesty to The DanDale Network means, being straightforward with the customer and doing everything we say we will do, while being detailed on all of our contracts.


Quality is the hardest expectation to meet, but when it’s met, you as the customer will appreciate our work, and we will be confident that we served you well. We at The DanDale Network have found that quality is what drives our business. It is our goal to produce quality! You are more than welcome to navigate our site and find Testimonials and pictures of our work.

What to expect as our Customer:

We would encourage you to first, take a look at our site, review our testimonials, and then feel free to contact us directly from the home page by plugging in your information. We’ll get you connected with a quality contractor, and we can promise that you will be talking with someone within 48 hours or sooner! We want to offer you the best service possible!