Our Story

jordanOur affiliate company, DanDale Construction, created the DanDale Network to help customers find quality contractors who work with Integrity, Honesty, and Quality, and who can provide a price where the customer and the contractor both win.

About Us and Our Affiliate Company DanDale Construction

DanDale Construction was created in August 2012 by Jordan Stockdale. Jordan has been in construction since he was 18, and has been working with wood since he was 13. His experience led him to start DanDale Construction, which has nearly doubled in size by the end of 2013. Now that DanDale Construction is fairly established and is growing monthly, we have seen a big need for DanDale Construction to connect with contractors and customers. In response, we created The DanDale Network to help solve the problem. The DanDale Network is just a simple tool to help everyone involved in the construction process to win.

What We Plan on Doing

We are currently working on a few video projects to help our future customers get a glimpse into what we do. We will also help create quality relationships between customers and contractors, and as an incentive we will provide resourceful tools to both contractors and customers.